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  1. Thanks guys, and Front, here is the original renders. Also, I have another image that could use some Critique on that I shall add to this. ODST Soldier Render Ghost Render
  2. Alright, I am quite new on the forum but I have been using Paint.NET for quite some time, and yet I only have made two signature worthy pictures our of Renders, that I did just for random. I would love critique on them, Advanced will be greatly appreciated too. Anyway, here are the two pictures that I wish to have Critique on. The first one is dark, like it is supposed to be. It is a image of a ODST soldier, this one was mostly random effects. I used the Jitter effect on the soldier to give more of a rugged and battle worn feeling. This one I actually tried on, it is a render of Ghost from MW2. I wish my Smudge effect worked for this one, otherwise I had to use 3 different effects. Stitch, Frosted Glass, and Splinter to create a sort of blending mode on the edges of the render. This time, I did not use much of Zoom/Motion blur. It was darker before, so I had to make it lighter with the Negation. That is all, feel free to go hard core on me. Oh, yes. If I broke any forum rules, please tell me, this is practically my first time posting something like this in any type of forum. Edit: Here are the new images I have created, well they are just the same one, but one is a signature and the other is the original. Hidden Content: Full Picture Signature Style I have a odd feeling that the Text is not very good with it, if you can point out which font might be better for this, will you? Also, I added the Glow effect on it, it is hard to see but it is a white glow that is thin around the letters.