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Adding freckles to skin?

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I use paint.net constantly for making custom content for The Sims 2 pc game.

I would like to make a freckled skin, I am totally stumped as to how to achieve this.

Suggestions would be gratefully received.

Skin file that needs freckles.


I have been doing eye re-colours, quite successfully.

Example, this:


which I got from this picture.


And this.


From this.


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Well select the skin, Add noise, and adjust the bottom bar so it goes monochromatic in a sense, and uses less of the other colors.

Then go to layers, adjustments, curves, and curve the luminoscity of it, best way to get some random dots, either that, or make them yourself, and then I suggest making a bunch of them, make some more prominent than the others, then blur it all one pixel.

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For anyone interested, I may have come up with my own solution.

Open an image like this in paint.net.


Magic wand/tolerance the white, then Edit, invert selection,

so the black spots are then selected, edit with whatever colours,

copy and past on the skin. Repeating as necessary, until the

desired effect.

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