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Latice frame option?

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Hi guy's

I was thinking....yes I am able to think! In Photoshop there is a latice like the following picture, to make it more easy to draw.. Yes I know there is a display pixe; grid, but that is not the one I mean... just take a look at the picture and you will know what I mean:


Is it possible to create something like that for PDN??

EDIT: I did not create it, but a friend of mine)

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If you mean the large grid over the canvas, Madjik's Gridmaker

plugin applied to a transparent layer will give something similar.

Set your secondary color slider to zero Transparency - Alpha

before applying the grid effect plugin.

Then activate the rulers tool, in the toolbar next to the "pixel grid" icon.

If you mean something else, then more explanation will be helpful.

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well I mean those squares damn I really don't know the exact words... but like the pixel grid... you can turn it on or off that is what I would like to have.. well, but bigger than the pixel grid

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