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PDN wont open/install/delete

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There's no way we can begin to help you until you explain what happens when you try to open Paint.NET, or when you try to install/delete it.

We also need an error message a bit more specific than "Paint.NET doesn't work, close down the program". Until we have this, we can't really help you.

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Sorry for posting that late,

But i think its the .NET framework..

Ive tried to install that but that doesnt work.

Here are the errors:

Removing paint.net:


Open paint.net:


Install framework/paint.net:


Thats what ive got,

Hope its a little bit better

(sorry for the pictures but its dutch)

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Have you had Paint.NET installed previously on this system?

If you are having difficulty updating or uninstalling,

be sure to read this thread.

Please post what OS version you have, ( XP, Vista, etc. )

and what OS Service Pack level is installed.

Also, are you fully current on Windows Updates?

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Thanks for reply

I had paint.net on this system it worked perfectly, but then i restart the pc and it didnt work...

My OS is Windows 7,

And i have my system fully updated!

But im sure its on the .NET framework 3.5 SP1, because thats where it give's errors. But i cant find my error on the web.

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You may need to use the Cleanup utility mentioned in the

previous link. Or maybe not.

Because the NET Framework up to 3.5 SP1 is included in the

Windows 7 OS, I believe that using sfc /scannow is the

correct way to repair the NET Framework.

http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/15 ... ecker.html


When you next do the Paint.NET installation,

download the installation pack from here:


Disconnect from the internet before beginning to install.

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