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Suggestion: Fix ambiguity in plugin error dialog

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The plugin error dialog shown when the effect's rendering code has a problem suggests users restart PDN. From my understanding this is in case a plugin went amok in the current Paint.NET instance and this needs to be reset. However, I have seen a lot of users thinking this might fix their problems, so i'm suggesting that the ambiguity be fixed:

Every time I click on it, a warning window comes up and explains that the plugin has encountered an error.

It recomends that I restart paint.NET but nothing happens when it do, it continues to malfunction.

I just downloaded the version 1.9 and extracted it to the effects folder as usual when downloading a plugin, but when I went to run it for a picture I'm working on, a window prompted me to restart Paint.NET ((I have the most up to date sub-version of 3.5 for PDN)) I clicked a button for error details and it gave me this:


I restarted Paint.NET several times and continue to get the same error message. What am I doing wrong?

I recently downloaded some plugins (a lot of which are really really cool, I love this website) but I have had trouble with this splatter effect. When I try to use it I get an error message [sNIP] and it tells me to restart pdn or close the plugin, I've tried both but have had no success.
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