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[Plugin Request] Texturize and Resynthesizer

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I am looking for a substitute for the two Gimp plugins Resynthesizer and Texturize. But i cannot find any plugin in the plugins list that does what those two plugins does. Have i overlooked them, or are they not converted to Paint.net yet? If so, it would be nice when somebody of the plugin developers could have a look at it. Those two plugins are extremely useful for texture synthesis :)

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Thanks for that tips :)

I already have the two plugins installed. But Photo floodfill does nothing really in this direction. And seamless texture is just a replacement for make seamless/small tile. Texture resynthesis is a completely different chapter :)

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It was discussed some time ago when Adobe's Content Aware Fill went live, and I think that pyrochild said it was on his 'to-do list' but I think it's going to be fairly difficult and take a LONG time to just understand the source or even port it.


And now I've read your other post. Meh.

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