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  1. Which ironically does not work with selections.
  2. I agree with MJW on this one. The plugin requires a selection, and I don't see much of a difference between it's positioning and the "feather selection" one. My vote is for selection.
  3. Thank you null54, I've been waiting for a long time for something like this!
  4. OK, figured out how to do it manually Start with layer #1: the wood texture background Add layer #2: a copy of #1 Add layer #3: The text. Black color, anti-aliasing off Select text using magic wand, global, zero % tolerance Switch to layer #2 and delete selection Delete layer #3 Add new layer #3: a copy of layer #2 Select cut out text as above, then invert selection Feather selection, 1 pixel, preserve edges Switch to layer #2, use Hue/Saturation to set lightness to zero Reduce layer opacity (I used 50) Switch to layer #1 and use Hue/Saturation to lighten it up (I used 30) Done. Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks guys, checking... Re font: I was thinking maybe SF Scribbled Sans ( or Stan's hand (
  6. I am looking for a way to make text appeared as if it was scratched or carved into wood using PDN 3.5.11 (old computer, don't ask...) Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Thank you for your reply, but it didn't work for me. Unfortunately, when I tried using it on black text, the result looked nothing like I need. I already have the background and only need the foreground text. Thank you.
  8. Is there an effect that will make a font look like a sitched military name tape? Examples: Alternatively, is anyone aware of a font that already looks like that? The font used in those name tapes is Franklin gothic condensed, but I need to simulate the "stitches". Thank you!
  9. Hello, Are there plugins, tutorials or plain "best practice" lore as to putting fur on people images in Paint.NET? In particular, I'd like to achieve something like this, but more seamless if possible. Thank you!
  10. alexo

    The <off topic> thread

    Fast-forward two years... Is it still on your list? Thank you.
  11. Let's say I have a picture with several people and I want to change the skin tone of one of them. What would be the best way to do it while minimizing selection errors? Thank you!
  12. I started having this problem in 3.5.10. It would not copy images larger than about 400K pixels, which is really quite small Windows paint has no problems with images even larger than that. Any ideas? I can't work...
  13. alexo

    That other app v2.2

    Hello Simon, Thank you for your reply. I find the forced autodetection feature is subjectively unhelpful. In the screenshot below, it shows me 42 icons, out of which I currently use exactly one program and may conceivably use another. In other words, 95% of the icons are not needed. And that is without mentioning duplications. What I would like is the ability to turn autodetection off and instead use a set of predefined applications. Is it feasible? Best, Alex.
  14. alexo

    That other app v2.2

    Is there a way to remove some of the autodetected apps from the dialog?