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Weird issue with FileType plugin.

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I got this code:

        protected override Document OnLoad(Stream subFile)
               MpegParser mpegParser = new MpegParser(subFile);

               return Document.FromImage(new Bitmap(500, 500));
           catch (Exception e)
               MessageBox.Show(e.ToString(), "SubFileType OnLoad exception");
               return null;

I set 3 break points on curly braces for opening the methods's body, try, and catch.

When I comment the MpegParser line, it does what expected (a 500x500 empty picture and breaks).

When I don't comment that line, PDN says "The file could not be found" and it doesn't even break on my breakpoints.

I thought maybe MpegParser would throw an exception, so i catched all exceptions, but nothing get catched.

So I'm a bit confused.

Any idea ?

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