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Black eyes, anybody?

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Okay, so you may think me bizarre for asking this, but does anybody have any idea of how to create a black eye in Paint.NET? I have a few photos which I'm meant to be touching up and it's been requested by a friend, but I honestly have no idea. That along with a bloody nose, but the black eye is all I'm really concerned with.


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first off black eyes is a misnomer. If you want realistic punched out lights you should be using undertones of purple and redish blue tones and some crimson red for new bruses and that puke green that bruised skin goes once it starts to heal for older bruses.. seldom are the black eyes totally round either. There will likely be some grazing along the ridge to the outside of the eye (high cheekbone area) or concentrated to the inner lower eye near the top of the nose area.

best bet is to find an image in roughly same poise as the picture you are working on that sports a shinner. try to mimic the areas if you look close it will seldom be symetric, it won't be even coloraztion. some areas will be lighter and darker than others.

there is a tut about fixing blemishes now that might be adaptable to accomplish this. I've never done a black eye but it would be a good starting point. here is the link viewtopic.php?f=36&t=27823&hilit=airbrush

for one when you paint over the skin with the above mentioned purple tones etc. do it on a layer above and set the alpha way way down on your paint.brush. gassiaun blur or true blur might be good ... easier to add than take away.

ciao OMA

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I agree with Oma's answer. The tut she listed is good for dealing with the eye area. You should google "black eye" to get pictures that you can emulate. Select the eye area you wish to change, and, on a new layer, play with the colors and blurs till your black eye looks right.

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Try blend modes, too. Get a good mix of colors, then try different blending modes to get it to look like it's under the skin.


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