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there are quite a few of us that have done landscapes.

check my gallery theres a landscape 100% with the horse pg 62 and I added work in progress shots on pg 56,


and the latest one I did


there are some work in progress shots on pg 68

those two will give you an idea perhaps its not one button push and voila a landscape it takes a lot of work many layers and loads of attention to details.


another great gallery is Welshblues gallery Welshy has done wonders with landscapes. there are a few others on the forum that do these .

ciao OMA

edit I see Welshy just beat me to posting

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received you PM ..... I'll write up a little something on what you asked later today.

you didn't say the style of landscape. see above my horse background is more cartoonish/semi real suitable for fantasy....

and the other with the (supposed) deer is more realistic of a misty morning.

each starts out differently and this will determine the colors, and plugins.

just PM me with a bit more info. be prepared to work, bone up on your perspective notes and look real closely at how shadows and things look in images. I often do not use the built in plugins for shadows but pixel paint mine in and blur.

ciao OMA

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