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How to prevent Paint.NET 3.5 to be opened after install

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Hi everybody,

I looked in http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/U ... ation.html but could not found how to do this :

I'd like to prevent installer from launching PaintDotNet.exe at the end of the installation.

I use /auto to perform a completely silent installation but there is still this annoying feature (nonexistent in 3.36 installer).

I try to look for msi property but found nothing.

Why this is annoying to me : because I launch many different installers (all with no interaction, no window) in a process, during Windows XP (yep still this old good friend) installation and I need them to be very silent.

So if someone has the solution, even if it means to repack msi, it would be great

Thank you in advance

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