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Question about subtracting selection

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Hi guys, I use paint.net quiet often and decided to do a bit of programming for batch processing some images (inspired by paint.net). I realize this is not directly related to paint.net, but I could not find any sdk for paint.net, i would've used that instead. Anyway, the question is simple, how do you go about cropping an image with an ellipse shape? I've figured out how to crop to rectangle shape, draw, rotate, etc, but how do you go about cropping to an ellipse shape? Do you just create a selection and clear it with transparent color? If so, then how do you make that selection?

In paint.net, i select all, then I grab the round selection tool, set it to subtract, and make the round selection and clear what's left. Or, I could just make the round selection and hit "crop to selection". But how is this done in code?



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