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i have neven touched any graphic related software in my life. the biggest graphic things i have done is cool text stuff with word-art (it is cool ha?).

i came across paint.net and tried it a tiny bit and i think its a very quick and simple yet powerful software to use. and that made me feel invited to use it and explore my graphic imagination...

so thanks!

and after that long heart breaking story - i have a question (and i`m sure more to come later). is there some sort of a user manual that describes EVERY feature on the software? i know that the best to do is to explore and try everything and see what it is doing - but i am SO not into graphics (yet) that basic manual that covers everything will be a good start for me. if there is - where can i find it?

also - is there a plan to make a gradient effect (i know there is a plugin for that) an official part of one of the next versions?

well i guess thats enough for a start.

thanks so much for open-sourcing such a great thing,


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