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Ok so I got one more question.

Like I said in my other post, in my pictures there is "text" included, and I would like to colour the titles/ the words, even though the rest of the picture needs to be black and white. Is that possible and how do I do that?

Thanks very much.


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let me get this right: you want to color a section of a black&white picture (the text on it), and leave the rest as it is.

select the text in question and use a color mask or something (evin the brush tool with a transparent color would work).

personally i sugers you copy the text to a new layer on top before you do anything to it (you might need to aply some feather or something to it).

...then again, you could just write over it, if u can find the right font and size :lol:


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Thank you very much. I think I now found a way to "transform" what I had imagined - or at least something that comes close to it.

But how come I can not reset the "transparent alpha" tool in the colour window, once I used it?

I don`t really like it that much, it just makes the colour look "spotty" (don`t know how to translate it).

I`d rather choose a lower "tolerance" for filling in, so that the writing is still visual.

What is the feather-tool for and where do I find it?

Thank you again.


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Feather plugin.

Part of Boltbait's plugin pack.


Transparent color?

You might do better using the color at full opacity on its own

transparent layer. The transparency can then be adjusted using

Layer Properties.

Layers Window


If you can post a link to the image you are working on

you will get the best suggestions on what to try.

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