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Little question... "Bouncing letters"

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Sorry but I'm german, so it won't be easy to understand me xD....

I have a little question. Someone asked me to make a banner for her, but she wants something I'd never done. So I have to learn it ... so, how to make moving Words? Every letter should move, understand?

Citation: "if the letters could bounce a bit" and every letter in an other colour.. but I think that won't be that problem^^

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Du möchtest also ne Sig als .gif machen?

Aber warum ausgerechnet mit pdn, gibt doch viel bessere gif-editoren :P

Wenn du's trotzdem versuchen willst.. Animated .gif and .png

Tutorials gibt's auch, einfach mal search-funktion nutzen ;)

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@ Axle, If you don't know what it says, or dont have anything to add then don't say anything. Why do we need to know if you cant translate?

As for the question this link may help Make an Animated .GIF with Paint.NET, Although some of the images are broken, so it may be hard to follow. If you need any more help PM, but I can't speak German. :)

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