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smooth borders


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I tried but it is not what I'm looking for.

FEATHER makes the borders of my black and white picture blur. I'm looking for a tool which makes ist more straight.

I hope you can understand me.

My scanner produces lines with some fringes. The tool should detect and delete them.

An idea of me was to outline the text and lines. Then I would need a tool that reduces the minimal radius of the outline, so that the single point cannot disturb a straight line.

The disadvantage of this idea is that the text and lines will become thicker (more thickness).

Maybe I'm looking for a Harry Potter :-)

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Thanks for the hint.

I experiment with Alias, feather, Gaus-blur and contrast.

For contrast I have used MS Photoeditor because the contrast function from Paint.net has not done what I had expected :-)

I don't know exactly how I got it but I think the result is useable.

EDIT: For explanation I want to produce very fine copies from my credentials for application documents. I'm not very practised with grafic prgrams.

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