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I have read much on outlining text, but remain confused. The most used plug in appears to be pyrochild's Outline Object. I have also downloaded Outline from BoltBait. I cannot get either to work to my satisfaction:

I wish to outline red type with white over my photo montage. I have added a new layer into which I have typed my text in red. Whatever Primary and Secondary colours are set, Outline Object gives me white text with a cyan surround. I do see, however, that when I use the tool on a new canvas on its own, that the red text becomes white with a red surround. Neither has given me what result I aim for. BoltBait appears to create a surround of horizontal lines the same colour as the text.

I don't doubt I am the one at fault; so I should be grateful if someone would kindly take the time to take me step by step through the process to achieve the result I seek.

I have just seen at http://I have a virus on my system!/Fea ... ne_Object/ a different dialog box displayed to that which presented itself previously. Using this download, I have been able to obtain the perfect result immediately.

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What you have described doesn't sound like normal action for these plugins.

You might try temporarily removing everything from your Effects folder except

Outline.dll, Outline Object.dll and pyrochild.effects.common.dll. There might be

some kind of conflict going on.

Ordinarily, to get a white outline, just set the vertical slider nearest to the plugins'

color wheel at the its lowest point and the slider to the right at its highest point.

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I realise now what was going on: I downloaded pyrochild's zip file and extracted that. I looked for something referring to Outline in Paint.NET and could only find it in Effects> Stylize, not realising that is part of Paint.Net, and was not pyrochild's Outline Object. But I guess you might be right that there was a conflict of some sort, because at that point Effects>Object did not exist, only since my subsequent download. I have now removed the original zip file and its extracted files. What a lovely piece of work the Outline Object plug-in is! I am so glad I persisted in my search for a solution.

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