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Hi, I'm new to the Paint.net forums but I've just seen a tutorial on how to make space age glow text. Now I don't get it. I've downloaded some effects, Vandermotten effects or something. I think it's the guy who made it. I dunno so... anyway, can someone give me some help on how to use/install them and how to make glow text. Thanks, ToshNeox :wink:

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Is this the tutorial you looked at?

You can learn how to download and install the plugins required with the link APShredder gave you.

However, in this tutorial, you don't need to necessarily have a plugin to achieve the effect, you can achieve the same drop shadow effect by:

1. Duplicate the layer you want to have a shadow under

2. Make this new layer black (using the silhouette plugin or Curves)

3. Gaussian blur this black layer as much as you need it

4. Move the blurred black layer underneath your original image.

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Yea. That's the tutorial. I've had another problem though. I installed Paint.net on my memory stick but it wont install on my computer. I looked at the tutorial about start windows module installer but it's still happening. Any ideas?

It also wants to install to J: so I'm stuck. Any help with be great. Thanks


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If you have a troubleshooting problem, you should post it in the troubleshooting forum.


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