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Hi, sorry for startting another post on this topic but I really need help and I think my last post is getting deeper and deeper away, I asked the question about the chrome key extension but still am not sure what to do, in the answer (from simon brown) you said I need to key the areas I am not sure what you mean by this??



this is the first post


Duplicate the layer before chroma-keying it and have the layer being keyed below the other copy. After running the plugin, then simply the areas from the top layer which contain the blue you want to key (as well as the non-key area) but has no red-herrings.

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1. Open the image you want keyed (without the background) and merge it into one layer.

2. Duplicate the layer, call the original layer A and the new one B. Move B below A.

3. Run the chroma-key plugin on B.

4. Width a large eraser, erase the bluescreen from A. Also erasing the non-bluescreen parts of A is safe, as long as you don't erase the blue that isn't part of the bluescreen.

5. Flatten the image.

6. Add the background to a layer below.

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