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Does Paint.NET Allow Me To Make 'Speech Baloons' ?

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Probably a more elegant solution out there, but can't you:

1. Use the ellipse tool with the draw shape outline with the color of your choice.

2. Color in the ellipse white

3. Use the Line/Curve tool to make the little triangle part.

4. Use the paintbrush tool to remove the colored line to attach the triangle and ellipse.


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1. draw a hollow(not filled with color), rounded rectangle or ellipse, depending on the shape you want, on a new blank layer.

2. use the line/curve tool to draw the little V that shows who's talking

3. erase part of the circle/rectangle so that the inside of the V and the inside of the circle/rectangle form a contiguous space

4. if necessary, you can go back in with a small brush and clean up around where the V meets the circle/rectangle

5. add a new layer, and move it underneath the one that has the speach bubble outline on it.

6. select the outline layer and use the magic wand with around a 40 tolerance level to select the inside of the speech bubble.

7. select the blank layer you just created and fill the selection with whatever color you want the inside of the bubble to be.

Hope this helps!


edit: here's a quick one that I just made


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