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Can you help me?-custom ps3 (1920x1080) wallpaper wanted.

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Hi i was wondering if someone would be willing to create a custom ps3 wallpaper/clan tag. i apologise in advance if i'm posting in the wrong area, i'm new around here.

i'm looking for a custom image(.jpg), 1920wX1080h pixel canvass size.

I made a small photo album with some low res. pics to better illustrate my request. http://www.conceptart.org/forums/album.php?albumid=620

the pics are in reverse order ie. #15,#14....#3,#2,#1. you can see label for each photo if you click on the image.

This is NOT a wallpaper that will be used commercially, this is a pivate affair.

I was hoping to get a custom ps3 wallpaper/clan tag. I was hoping the final product would look something like the pic#1 ps3wallpaper, (ignore the icons.) it's very low res, but the final wallpaper layout should be similar to this.

Pic#2 was the original clan tag photo. As i said I want something similar.

My clan is DDB. (Dem Durrty Boyz), our colors are orange & black.

Pics #3&4 illustrates where the ps3 icons sit on the wallpaper. The "T" or "+" areas should be relatively "open" horizontal & vertical lines.

Pics #5,6&7 are for inspiration, the first 2 are symbls of "chimera infection" & the skull in pic#7 is a must.

Pics #8,9 & 10 are additional templates, areas where the ps3 icons sit. ( i have some 1920wX1080h templates as well )

pics #11 to 15 are some official Sony wallpapers, just to give an idea of canvass size, definition & detail im looking for.

The ps3 is a high definition machine, 1080p resolution. i preferquality over quantity. A simple wallpaper with detailed textures & effects (ie. smoke, fire, explosion or blood splatter. lol.)

If you need to find a weapon for the image, use something from the "resistance fall of man" video game as inspiration. killzone 2 is also a good source.

MY Clan is DDB - Dem Durrty Boyz (the only txt i want on the wallpaper.)

playstation 3 gaming clan games played: 25 to life, resistance fall of man, call of duty4&5, R2 & killzone 2.

oh yeah, the weapons don't necessarily have to be game specific. M4carbine, desert eagle are all good. crisp & clean hi res pics preferedover low res game pics...

Thanks for your time,

For any other inquiries or info post here, or just email me.


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