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How do I freeze animation?

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First off Thank you for this great program. I downloaded it yesterday, and let me tell ya 49MB on dial-up can take all day LOL

Anyways I love it and am just learning the ins and out. In other words I am not a pro, know how to do the basics and that's about it.

Now my question is:

If I have an animated banner, how do I save and freeze it in a certain spot, or change it to that spot.

I can do save as, but that only saves it in one spot and not the one I want it to.

I really want to learn everything.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you again for such a great program!!

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I think you have to do that with a seperate program. PDN isn't an animation editor. If you can't find anything else, you might try playing the animation in the windows picture previewer (not sure what it's called) and then, when it gets to about the frame you want, press print screen on the keyboard. Then go into PDN and click File->Aquire->from Clipboard and crop out the animation.

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