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nice! great drawing , I sense you are not quite finished with the texture for the creature? give us a hint what direction you will be thinking of taking that?

one suggestion. get your self a cheapy sketch pad. they can be found for as little as $2. try not to use lined paper. even printer paper is better. especially if you go on to colorization of your sketches.

another hint if you go to color that beastie in have him on separate layer and wand outside then control +i that way he won't need to be feathered in and will not have outline making him more realistic looking. example of what I speak of is in my palmleaf tut. its the absense of outline that makes piece more realistis. also on pg 44 of my gallery I show how I did a hummer feather. so you can get the idea of wanding outside so no lines show.

ciao OMA

PS how did you know I was trying to draw a dragon? :lol: now I have to think of something else to draw :lol:

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Ummmm..... Almost all my good drawings were doodles in school. I didnt have Art class, if I did I would have hated it because I took 2 years of Art tutor and all of it was painting. This is why I mostly gave up drawing. Occasionaly I might make a good drawing out of boredom.

Dragons are very easy for me to draw for some reason, even though when I get to the eye postion I mess up a lot.

I started drawing dinosaurs when I was at least 3 and it developed into these pisture you see now that are me at 14 years old.

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The teacher never really cought me drawing a lot, they just tell me to put it away.

Thanks, I try to draw sometimes but I just draw some designs sometimes.

Ill try to get some more and edit them even though my computer gets very slow when I try to for some reason

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