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Pixel Stretch

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1. use magic wand tool to select whole image...

2. Use the "move selected pixles" tool, (top right of tool box) and you will see 8 dots appear around your image

3. Use these "dots" to drag the image to a certian size...


Open your image in paint.net, and resize the image to what ever you want, deselect "Maintain Aspect Ratio" to have full control over what size you want it...

Hope i helped!

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In your case,

1) Open image

2) Resize Canvas (Ctrl + Shift + R)

3) Select Top Center as an anchor by click on the top center button in the array of arrows.

4) Add about 50 or so pixels to the Height section. (Text fields at top)

5) Press OK.

6) Select the bottom 10 pixel row of your image (not the white space).

7) Press Ctrl + C

8 ) Press Ctrl + V

9) Press Ctrl + Down Arrow.

10) Repeat steps 7 - 9 until you have reached the bottom of the image


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