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Re-positioning alpha masks

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I have had a good search through old posts on using alpha masks but I think I am making an error somewhere.

The posts I have read say it is a lossless method of masking, but I have found that I need to have the layer to be masked selected and import the mask to that layer to use it correctly. This means I can't move, resize or remove the mask.

What am I missing?

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Hello pophiri.

What you can do is:

  1. [*:1vpkonfv] Open your mask up, then select the entire mask (Ctrl + A) so you can use the Move Pixels tool ( :MoveTool: ) to rearrange the mask to a suitable position;
    [*:1vpkonfv] here you will see that by moving your mask voids have been left on two sides, simply select these with the Magic Wand ( :MagicWandTool: ) and fill ( :PaintBucketTool: or with the Backspace key) with the appropriate mask colour;
    [*:1vpkonfv] finally, you can re-save your mask and apply as normal through the plugin.

Does this help you?

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Thanks for the tip.

I know I can either shift the mask or the image prior to applying it, what I was hoping for was a way to fine tune the mask position as I applied it.

I suppose I will have to do it the long way. Open the mask as a layer on the image, adjust the positioning, delete the image, save the mask, then re-open the image and apply the mask.

Sound about right?

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