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Can't export images

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I've been using Paint.net for most of a year now, and I've been problem free until today. I'm drawing something at a huge size and Paint.net has been lagging a bit. It crashes. Fine. I reopen the picture and try to save it as a PNG. Fine. It forgets to tell me to flatten the image. Not fine. I try to open it in Windows Photo Gallery and it cannot recognise the file: Not fine. It manually flatten the image. Fine. Photo Gallery still doesn't recognise it! Not fine. I look for an uninstaller. Can't find one. ...Meh. I delete the folder and reinstall... to find a heap load of problems. After consulting the forums and reinstalling Paint.net properly, I realise I still can't save as a PNG properly. Any help?

EDIT: Sorry if I sounded impatient.

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Check the drop down menu for files type in the saving window , did you try to save it as JPG or GIF and worked fine?Or not fine?

The flatten function is just for if you have 2 layers or more in your project, if it is one layer the program will not ask you to flatten it. Are you sure that you are saving as PNG not PDN? Oh but you are using the program for a year :roll:

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