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part of layer gets cut off

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I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer so...

I have two pictures I want to combine into one by attaching them at one edge to make one larger picture. I want one to overlap the other by just a little bit. So I tried making one the background and one is a layer and I overlap the layer on the background just a little along the edge like I want it but the part of the layer picture that is not showing on the canvas gets cut off and lost, dissapears. I found that I can enlarge the canvas and can see both the background picture and the layer picture and can averlap them a little like I want and then can flaten them and save it, but when I view it I see that the overlaped part is not exactly positioned like I want. So when I am adjusting the position of the layer, I need to be zoomed in for fine adjustment, but that's when I loose the part that I am not zoomed in on. Hopefully that all makes sense. I've never used photo editing software before so not sure if layers is the way to do this or is there some other technique I should be using?

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