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I copied a large map to a tiff format and would like to reduce the size of it to about 5% and print. The problem I have is that the already fine lines disappear when reduced. It is a white map with black lines. Is there any way I can increase the size of these lines?



Lafayette, LA

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Not without redrawing them, no*. I'm sorry Slick1983.

Actually, I lie, there is a way.

As it's a black and white image, use an alpha mask to remove the white background (plugin | tutorial), then use any of the outlining effects to essentially thicken the lines by bordering them. You have pyrochild's Outline Object and Boltbait's Outline to choose from.

Afterwards, create a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ), lower it below your outlined map ( :Down: ), merge ( :MergeDown: ), save.

Does this help you somewhat?

*if you do plan on redrawing regardless of the above, then both I and other members would recommend the vector editor Inkscape. Once drawn, you can resize the map as a whole to any size without loss of quality. What's more, you can adjust the line weight to your heart's content.

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