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My amateur picture gallery


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You need to resize your images because at most they can be 800 x 600. Your second image is really nice, but feather (smooth it out) on the top a little. I like how you have the two cars facing each other and the "magic lines" encircling each car. It adds a nice effect to it. 8)

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I like the second image as well, the graphics you've added create a sense of motion and speed in the image, which really helps sell the car.

The go cart image is good but shouldn't be all blurry, the idea of these action shots is to have a very crisp focus on the subject and to blur out the rest of the shot to add to that focus. The signature on that shot distracts a bit, perhaps make it smaller or make it stand out less.

Overall nice work though, and very good for so called "amateur" pictures :mrgreen:

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