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Copied image, but unable to Paste Layer onto 2nd image.


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This problem has occurred several times, but it comes and goes.

I am working with several images. I want to copy one image (A) and paste it to a new layer on image (B). When I paste image A, the proper size is pasted, but the image is either white (covering image B) or blank (Just an empty outline with image B visible).

I've tried:

- "Select All" and "Rectangle Select" with the same results.

- "Disk Cleanup" and got rid of the junk.

- Restart

Gen. Info:

- I have Final Release build v.3.36.3158.38068, using Windows XP Home on a Toshiba.

- I have not received any kind of memory error. The C drive shows 27.7GB free. I'm supposed to have 256MB RAM, but System/Hardware only shows 192.

- I am relatively new to computers and very new to Paint.NET.

** The lack of RAM has been a problem with other programs and if that is the problem here, I would appreciate any information/links you can offer on how to find out which program is eating up that memory space. (I've tried the Win/MS/Toshiba help sites and either gotten too simplistic of answers or lost in the Maze of the Menu Minotaur.)

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A few things,

1. Make sure you're pasting from the right layer. Often it's easy to copy from a blank layer, resulting in all-white when you go to paste.

2. Your system only has 192MB of RAM and is thus below the minimum requirements. Paint.NET will not work reliably. I recommend having at least 512MB as a bare minimum, and 1GB is strongly preferred.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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That did it! *bookmarks topic*

And yes, I know I got burned on the memory. It's a laptop and I went with screen size vs RAM. *smacks self upside head* I told you I was knew to computers. :roll:

I don't do a whole lot of photo-editing, so I'm thinking of adding another 256 RAM (+/-) to this one and getting a 2nd laptop with tons of RAM for the nephews to play games on and use that one for any heavy-duty photo edits.


I've only visited this site a few times. This was the first time I asked for help. Imagine my surprise when you replied in less time than it took to compose the post! Easy to navigate and excellent service, I think I'm in love!

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