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Opening Multiple Images at once?

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Hi there!

I've been a loyal Paint.Net user for a long time :)

Anyway, most recently i was forced to reformat my harddrives because of a hardware update. With this i lost Paint.Net and some addons.

Now, I've redownloaded and installed it + a few addons, but I'm disturbed: I am now unable to open multiple images at once!

Before the reformat, I was able to select a few images, right click and choose Open With -> PaintDotNet. But when i do such now, It does the same thing as Photoshop, only opens one of them, preferebly the one i had my mouse over at the right click. I would like to know why :O I kept my copy updated, so i thought it sounded unlikely that it would have been removed. The only difference between this system and the last one, except the hardwares, is that It's (Windows XP Proffesional)SP3 instead of SP2 patched to SP3.

Anyone got any ideas? :S

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I haven't had XP for over a year, so I can't say it's opertaing system change related, but to open multiple images, just use the File> Open in Paint.NET...browse to the correct location and ctrl-select all the files you want, or shift-select a range of them

Yeah but I always thought it was comfortable, being able to open many files with out starting the program first :O

Are you completely sure you have the latest version? 3.36?

You can drag and drop them into Paint.NET and select open as a new image.

Yeah, Paint.NET v3.36 (Final Release build 3.36.3158.38068)

Again, that needs me to start the program first, but that's probably what I'll be forced to do now anyway :(

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