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A request for guidance

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I'm brand new to photo alterations. I desperately need to remove a few flaws in the backgound of some photos I took for an important art submission. All I need is to figure out how to make some blemishes go away and blend into the backgound. (EG, there are some hooks visible on the bluish-white background on which the art pieces are displayed and I can't remove them by croping. I need to make them disappear into the background. I searched the forum for a clue, but didn't find anything. I tried various things with "paint" but none of them worked.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Greetings M.Hat.

It might help us if you provided us with the image in question, even if it's a resized version, just so we can give better direction for help.

Until then, what I would do is Clone Stamp ( :CloneStamp: ) the artefact(s) out before a dashing of Gaussian Blur or Unfocus if needed (localised by way of the selection tools ( :RectangleSelectTool::EllipseSelectTool: :LassoTool: ) to naturalise the cloning.

If you're into plugins, and you should be with the pack that follows, then True Blur can provide a great alternative to the aforementioned blurs.

Does this help?

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