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A lingering annoyance...

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Hey Rick 8)

I just grabbed the latest update. I went from 2.61 to .63 and I noticed a bug that is still present from .61. SI stumbled upon it and posted this:


I noticed you didn't give a reply in that thread so I'm thinking it must have been overlooked. That or it's still on the "To Do" list. It's not really a major bug... it's more of an annoyance if anything else.

Nice job on .63!.. other than the application icon change. :? Looking forward to 3.0! :)


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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That bug/annoyance won't be fixed for the v2.6x releases. I call it a bug/annoyance because it feels like a bug, but is really two conscious designs that clashed: "ctrl" makes the Move Selected Pixels tool copy rather than move, and "ctrl+arrow" moves in increments of 10 pixels instead of 1. So it's a design bug, it's just not high enough priority to fix for a v2.6x service release. I have filed a bug for v3.0 though.

And the new 16x16 icon is awesome: it's much easier to see than the casually resized larger version. You can actually tell what it's supposed to be.

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