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Black and White photo with colored object

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I am so bad at this. I've read a lot of answers on how to make a black and white picture with a colored object in it. I had step by step directions a couple of years ago by some lady and I could do it perfectly. I haven't done any in about a year and now I forgot and her directions are erased. I cant figure it out. After I duplicate a layer I cant figure out which one is the original and which one is the duplicate. I always thought I had 3 layers but all the ones I read about have two. I need step by step directions again. Can anyone help me? I also would like to make the background completely black. I Have a picture of my baby with a bow in her hair. I would like to make it black and white, but have the bow pink and then the background black. I am having a hard time using the wand. I put the tolerance down but I still cant get the areas I want. I know. I need a lot of help. But please, I really want to do this.



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There's a tutorial called the Pleasantville Effect which goes through the process of cutting out an object and making everything else grayscale. There's also a tutorial for cutting an object out of a photo here.

You will in the end need three layers for the base effect - one for the black background, one for your daughter, and one for the bits you wish to leave colored.

As far as the layer duplicated is concerned, you can always double-click on the new duplicate in the Layers stack window and give it a new, descriptive name. ;)

In the future, you should give the Paint.NET Search site a try. It's powered by Google, so it's pretty good at picking stuff up: The "Pleasantville Effect" tutorial comes up under many different search terms, including very specific queries like "colored object in black and white image". There's also a few other results of other people who have asked the same question, and in return received links to the same two tutorials. The link to the site is right at the top of the [rule=top]Forum Rules[/rule], and it'd be a good idea to give the whole thing a read-through too.

Cheers. :)

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