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How to question - picture frame

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there are two ways of doing that that I can think of.

needed plugins are in red, helpful plugins are in dark red

You can locate them by searching in the handy search box! :D

First way, quicker but the rounded corners are always going to be the same size. And the border will be aliased.

  • make a new layer
    select rounded rectangle draw tool
    draw over the portion of you picture that you want to be in the rounded rectangle picture
    select the magic wand select tool
    using the magic wand, select the rounded rectangle
    select your first layer
    copy the selection
    make a new picture. Increase the size of the canvas by twice your border width, in each direction
    paste your picture and center it (for wide borders, the align object plugin is quite helpful, but it looks like you want a 1px border.)
    outline your object with the color of your choice, using the outline object plugin.

second way:

  • select your image using the rectangle select tool
    copy your image to a new layer, or new canvas. I reccomend a new layer.
    gaussian blur+ set to alpha blurring your image
    larger blurs will get you rounder corners
    go to curves+ and select alpha. set one point at the bottom and at slightly less than 128, and the other at the top and slightly more than 128.
    outline object to your preference
    you're done!

hope this helps!


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Just use that picture, select everything inside the border and delete it.

Then save the border so you can apply it to as many pictures you like.

If you want different sizes, just use the square rectangle and touch-up the corners with the pencil.



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