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Is there a plugin for this

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1: Hello I am new here and I use Paint.net many times it is great however. I always make engines (train engines) for an game I have though some times I want to have a line changing from Blue to Orange

Only way to do that is using the Gradient tool but that make the picture skind behind invisible ( I always use texture's and then color them.. For example

I want to make the back end of this engine orange

without overwriting the lines


But! the only way to achieve what I want is to select the part I want to colour, And click gradient


and then it is done but unfortunately it overwrote the lines and now the back is 100% orange, At front I used saturation and there the lines are visible


Now comes the question is there an plug in that combines the Gradient tool with the Hue and Saturation tool? I need it very hard! I have more reqeust or qeustions but only three attachments are allowed!

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if it's all on one layer try using magic wand with 0% tolerance and additive selection mode and then gradient the selection. btw 0% tolerance only works when the lines aren't :AntiAliasingOn: but :AntiAliasingOff: , with words when the lines are anti-aliased, my advice would be to first color and then draw the lines. And maybe a transparent gradient would help. if you need more advice you can PM me.


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