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Making textures in paint.net


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Hello! :D

Only a week or 2 ago i began making my own textures. Here is a look:


All of them are created from scratch, and only a little bit real photo editing for roughness and shape has been used. But actually i didnt just want to upload the textures i made and show you them only, - I would like to know if you got any tips or tricks for making textures in Paint.NET, or if you tried/made any textures yourself in paint.NET. Please upload them and show me, eventually tell something about them. if you for an example made a sign with dirt on, then tell the world, how you made it dirty. :)

And as a start, i will begin telling about my own textures.

The banana leaf


This was the texture i made today. made the shape out of this picture, and then i filled :FillSelection: the shape with a green colour, wich i found from the original picture. Then i added a new layer :AddNewLayer: and made the Stem (look below) of the leaf, using the lasso selection & the gradient tool :GradientTool:


To give the leaf some reality, i added some small stripes with the Line/Curve tool :LineCurveTool: , like there is on real leaves. After that, i used fragment blur and then i deleted all small lines that was outside the leaf.


Then i edited some small details, to make it look more realistic, before i did the final step.

I Created a new image :FileNew: and then i copied the leaf shape with fill over to the new image. Then i selected the whole leaf :SelectAll: and used the Outline Selection tool.


I added a new layer, and copied the original leaf over to the new layer, and then i selected the red outline on the old layer.

Then i selected the new layer, and used Gaussian Blur to give the leaf a soft outline. That was nearly all i think. :wink:

The snake plant leaf


This texture was the first one i ever made. I did in on quiet short time. This picture was what inspired me to make the texture. I made the shape myself with the line/Curve tool :LineCurveTool: and then i added some Bulge :Bulge: to it. Then i added a new layer, and copied the shape, hued :HueSaturation: it to Green. Then i used Gaussian blur to make it smaller and blurred, and at last, i added some roughness & light i made with the Alpha Mask tool. Later i added other details, to make give it different green variations.


The cookie sign


I made this texture for a racing track. The text in it is just an example text, wich he easily can change in the .pdn file. The sign was'nt hard to make, i started to make a square and then i made some kinds of drawings, and used effects on them, to make the square look dusty. For the Brown dust, i copied out some of the grass in this picture and then i used Black And White :BlackAndWhite: & Alpha Mask. Then i used Feather & several other effects, such as Silhuette to make it look brown instead of grey. And as final, i used Fragment to make small lines smaller.


The palmtree leaf


This was the 2nd texture i made. I made it because i needed a palmtree texture for a palmtree i made. But while i was making it, my computer frooze down, and then i didn't have the .pdn file anymore. :(


So there is the png with a white outline, wich i dont know how to get away. After making it, i tried to make something that looked like it, several times, but it never went out that well, as that texture you see above. I can send you the full sized one, if you may know how to fix it. :)

Ok. i think that was all of them :) . I hope this helped a lot, but if it didn't anyway, please post a textures you made or are making, so at least i can learn something :mrgreen:

I would like to know all this because i am not in the expert or advanced stage making things like textures. I can't make any cool signature for my self, so i just hope that i can become good in texturing and 3D.

Thank you for reading this quiet long topic :D

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Moved to the pictorium. Please pay more attention in the future. :-)


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