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Acid-type text distortion

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That's probably a font. If you want to take a normal type and turn it into that, I'm thinking of something right now and checking if it works.

[Edit] It yields similar results, not exactly the same, but it's as close as I could get.

Type your text, black on white. Add a new layer (CTRL+Shift+N), render some clouds on Multiply, 250 scale and 0.87 roughness. Do this three times. Set the layer blend mode (F1) to Additive in the drop-down list. Duplicate (CTRL+Shift+D) this layer 3 times. Merge the three clouds layers together. Go to Adjustments > Levels. In the 'Output' gradient, clicke the middle arrow and drag it down almost the the bottom (black) of the gradient. In the 'Input' gradient move the bottom slider up about 20 points. You should be done now. Congratulations! :mtdew:

The picture you posted is a bit blurry, you might want to apply a Blur > Gaussian Blur to make it like that if you like.

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