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[Line/Curve] tool,  Arrow-keys, ESC --- (backing up one step) --- (possible bug ?)

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When i'm using the [Line/Curve] tool,  ...   and  the Arrow-keys to move the Line/Curve to the desired location ... and i hit ESC to finalize...


But,  SOMETIMES,  When i hit ESC,  instead of getting fixed there ,   PDN   _backs up one_  and then fixes the Line/Curve there.  (So i end up hitting  Ctrl-Z and  redoing it)


This seems to occur maybe 5% of the time....    Have others noticed this?

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Yes, I see this too. It looks like a bug.

The easiest way to see it is to turn on the Pixel Grid :ViewGrid: and zoom right in so that you can see the pixels clearly.

1. Draw a short line or a small rectangle and use the arrow keys to move the object. Press ESC to Finish.


2. Now press Ctrl+Z to undo the Finish and press the arrow keys again to move the object. Press ESC to Finish.


At this point the object may jump to the wrong location instead of being Finished in its displayed location.

Repeating step 2 several times sometimes results in the control handle moving without moving the object.


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