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TGA with Alpha transparency

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Just got into Paint.Net - really pleased with it so far - excellent - thankyou

What I want to do is create TGA files with 100% transparency. While I can see how to get 100% transparency within the Paint.Net graphic, is it just a matter of saving the graphic to a TGA format or is there a trick to it?

Thanks again - I'm really going to enjoy this program.

Tarak :lol:

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Greetings Tarak.

No trick needed, it's very simple to save as a TGA: go to File > Save As, then drop down the Save as type menu to select TGA, finally choosing which bit-depth you prefer.

If you require more information, there is a tutorial available that details the saving process and giving a brief description for each file type. You can find this tutorial here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26975


Hello welcome to the PDN forum! :mrgreen:
Helpful, jiZer, really helpful. Your intentions are in the right place - that is noted - but perhaps next time you welcome someone, you could also try to offer some advice.
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