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There's a bug in the wand tool

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Don't know if you care or not. I would understand if you didn't. The wand fails to select the color white alone when there are light blue pixels in the image. I tried every combination of lowest/highest tolerance with premultiplied/straight. Same thing. The odd thing is that I had success with three prior images. So the bug may not be easily reproducible.


The app is horribly slow, too. It's almost unusable. If I had paid more for this app I'd demand a refund. But screw it. You obviously put a lot of work into it.


It's just disappointing. I'll have to find another painting app if these problems cannot be solved.



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I haven't seen this behavior -- you'll need to be more specific what you mean by "light blue pixels". Attaching a sample image would help a lot. If there's a bug here I'll fix it, but I need exact steps to reproduce the problem.


Also, "horribly slow" ? 🤔 It's possible that your system itself is slow (no offense), or that you are trying to work with images that are much too large for your system's capabilities (CPU and RAM) (this is pretty common). The app is actually extremely optimized, but you can attach the diagnostics information (Settings -> Diagnostics -> Copy to Clipboard) so we can take a look. That will tell us if it's more likely to be a CPU/RAM issue, or an actual performance bug.

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