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Feature Request: Add Shadow and Outline for Tools

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Hello. Has it ever been brought up the possibility of adding shadow and outline functionality directly to the tools as an option in the ribbon? There are plugins that allow for these things after the fact but there is nothing built-in. Is there anywhere to request or at least plant ideas in developers minds? Is this that?


Take for example the screenshot below - it is from faststone image capture / viewer (both use same "draw" window). At the bottom it has outline and shadow options that are configurable when the tool is selected. I REALLY wish paint.net had this same or similar functionality. I do a lot of marking up or annotating of prints / documents / screenshots / pics to explain things and end up jumping back and forth between using paint.net (because it has a ton of things the much more simplified faststone programs do not), but for adding text or arrows faststone is SO MUCH BETTER! Shadows and outlines help things stand out.


Just something to think about. Thanks.


oh also adding additional protocols for saving .tif/.tiff files would be great as well (i.e. LZW, PACKBITS, ZIP, CCITT1D, G4FAX, etc.). I have no idea what compression protocol is being used but the filesizes are very large compared to .tif files I save from other programs. To retain color/grayscale in paint.net it has to be 4-bit minimum. I usually have to save then open in another program and re-save to get them smaller.



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54 minutes ago, mcflies said:

Has it ever been brought up the possibility of adding shadow


Create your line on it's own layer, then run Effects > Object > Drop Shadow...


54 minutes ago, mcflies said:

and outline


Install my plugin pack and look in Effects > Object > Outline Object...

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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