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ctrl + P freezes the program.

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This has been a persistent issue for many years, from my old Windows 7 system to my current Windows 11.  I'm shocked that it hasn't been fixed by now, or there isn't at least a way to disable ctrl + P.  I have no use for ctrl + P.  I have lost so many hours of work to ctrl + P.  There is no auto-save function or restoring work, there's no way to recover from a single misclick.  This is downright hostile design.  Please attempt some kind of solution to this, because it makes it really hard to continue using this program when a misclick can kill all of my progress.

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3 hours ago, scapeartist said:

This is downright hostile design. 

Obviously, the behaviour you are seeing is not by design.  Ctrl+P is intended to activate the Print dialog.

Something is odd about your system that has persisted from your Windows 7 system to your current Windows 11.

1. In paint.net, if you click the menu item File | Print, do you get the same behaviour as pressing Ctrl+P ?

2. What exactly happens when you press Ctrl+P?


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This might actually indicate you have a printer, but its configuration is causing trouble with Windows's Print Wizard functionality.


For instance, do you have a network printer configured? Or perhaps some other kind of printer that you've disconnected?

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