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Suggestion: saving shouldn't finish selection, deleting all future history

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Hello, I was just working on something I needed two versions of. I finished the first one, made a good amount of progress on the second one, and accidentally overwrote the first one. So I just went back in the history until I got to the finished first version, saved - and all the future history got deleted because saving added 'Finish Selection' to the history. This seems to happen if the last operation was 'Move Selection' or 'Move Selected Pixels'. 


Of course a better solution would be to make history generally less fragile, maybe with a little confirmation window that stops you when you're about to overwrite >5 operations or something. 



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I don’t think this is a bad idea. It sounds like quite the must-have for someone like me.


I do a lot of stuff with the history panel, and I literally have to be VERY careful to try not to accidentally make a change to the project, or else my 50+ changes are lost forever (this hasn’t really happened, but I could still really use the feature just in case).


Hopefully we’ll see more of this in future updates…

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