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Paint.net v5.0.1 + TrendMicro (antivirus)


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For information, I've downloaded https://github.com/paintdotnet/release/releases/download/v5.0.1/paint.net.5.0.1.install.anycpu.web.zip et my Trend Micro Security Agent alerts me of a potential ransomware when i run the setup.


SetupDownloader.exe is the suspect file. Probably a false positive but virustotal.com show me VirusTotal - File - 73ca46db0349f8211e4fda2c8cec4241fb3cc1ef605e2dc39c03252b20a8570b (MaxSecure ? strange results)


So i've downloaded https://github.com/paintdotnet/release/releases/download/v5.0.1/paint.net.5.0.1.install.x64.zip and I didn't get any warning.


if anyone else has been in the same situation...



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Yeah this just sounds like a false positive. These happen from time to time. SetupDownloader.exe downloads the full installer and runs it, and requires admin privilege, so Trend is probably triggering off of something like that.


I recommend just using Windows Defender. All other antivirus just seems to give trouble, or is basically malware/scareware.

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