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4x to 5x on INcompatible OS Version - Windows\Temp Folder

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I'm not sure where the problem is here ATM but I am seeing that when I have Ninite pushing updates to client devices that if the device is not supported in the 5x branch i.e. Windows Server 2016 or Windows 8.1 that the install fails and the extracted setup folder for paint.net is left behind in the Windows\Temp folder. Ninite then proceeds to, over the course of days/weeks) retry and leave more and more copies of the extracted installer until the system runs out of space.


Is this your installer that is not cleaning up after itself when it terminates due to incompatible OS or is this a Ninite issue that I need to report to them?

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Win7 and 8.1 aren't supported anymore, as you obviously know, so there's also no testing done there. The Paint.NET installer detects early on that the OS is supported and should clean up after itself. This sounds like a Ninite problem, but if you find otherwise then be sure to let me know. It also sounds like maybe their metadata hasn't been updated with the new OS requirements? I wouldn't expect it to try installing 5.0 on a <Win10 system.


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