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Hover Outline Text Effect

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You may want to ignore this reply and look at BoltBaits reply for an easier way to do this.

I was able to recreate this with some plugins. The effects I used from those plugins were Outline Object and Make Color Transparent. You can download them by clicking on those links. You can click the images to see the large version.


First I type the text and place it where I want it to be. (It's better to place the text where you will want to keep it since it isn't very convenient to move it after you're done).

I duplicate the layer with the text (Ctrl+Shift+D), move that duplicate layer above the layer with the object, then make the text white by turning up the brightness all the way (Ctrl+Shift+U).



Then I use the Outline Object effect on the text layer above the layer with the object. I made the outline color the same as the color of the original text layer.



Finally I use the Make Color Transparent effect on the text with the outline. I have it detect the color white transparent so only the outline remains. Adjust the settings where it looks best.


Of course the text doesn't have to be blue, you can do any color. If you wanted white text, then you should make the duplicated text black instead, then when you use Make Color Transparent, have it detect the color black instead of white. Or you can adjust the hue and saturation of the text and outline after you are done. I hope I explained that well enough, but do ask questions if you run into any problems. 🙂

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Looks like I didn't install that effect previously. I have gotten it now. That almost trivializes this process. Plus the outline looks way better!


So, I would use that effect that BoltBait suggested.

Then, with the magic wand, select the insides of the text outlines (hold Ctrl to select multiple regions) (change the tolerance to around 70-80% in order to select all the transparent pixels from inside the outline).

Finally, in a new layer below the outline layer, fill in those selection regions with the color you want.


That would be my new steps which is a lot quicker than my previous steps. I suppose another way to do the text fill would be to use the effect to create normal text without the outline and just line that up below the outline layer.


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