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The zoom locking to borders is now broken

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I use Paint.NET to make a lot of things. Textures mostly, but sometimes I need to make animations, and how I do that is a set the zoom to a set percentage and move the image windows up and down so I can actually get a grasp on what I'm animating.


How I would set the zoom percentage is by taking the Zoom tool, selecting the whole image by dragging it from corner to corner, and that would be that. It was a simple step in my process that I've learned for years now.


The problem:


Now that the most recent update has come out, I can no longer just select the whole image and zoom that way, the zoom selection goes beyond the image borders now. This is a major problem for me.


I've already tried using the center image button at the bottom right corner, and it does the trick, but it adds extra steps to my process that would make animation in particular much harder. some of the images I work with can be from 16x16, to 1440x900. Is it even still possible to still select.


I would appreciate it if no one criticize me on how I do things, I understand Paint.NET isn't built for animation, but this is how I've done things for years, and I just want to know if it's even possible to zoom with the border anymore.

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  • Franz K. changed the title to The zoom locking to borders is now broken

Has any of this even happened before version 5.0? As this is the first time I heard of such an error.

The only glitch I recall from any zoom-related feature would be me clicking on the button I call "view actual size", which is right next to the zoom buttons. The glitch I experienced (btw yes this has happened before v5.0) was where clicking on the button wouldn't do anything (it rather gives off the illusion that you're zoomed out to the default zoom percentage, even though you're not). Although this hasn't happened to me in a while. This isn't a problematic glitch I experienced, but rather just a minor bug.

Either way, I hope for the best in the next PDN bug fix.


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