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Setting eraser to only erase one color?

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Basically just the question in the title, I'm trying to add transparency to the outside of a picture but I'm having difficulty with it. The outside is entirely white and the subject I'm trying to isolate has a black border, but also has the same shade of white inside of it so I can't just erase every white pixel on screen. Any help would be appreciated and apologies if this is a stupid question, I'm brand new to photo editing so I wouldn't be surprised if I just missed something big haha.

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2 hours ago, TrevorOutlaw said:

If you could attach a family-friendly picture to show us the issue, we could walk you through it. It sounds like you are looking for masking technique. 

Oops, realized that you probably don't get alerted if I don't quote you!

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16 minutes ago, TrevorOutlaw said:


Make sure you are on a blank layer as I had your graphic by itself and use Magic Wand. That was it.


Edit: One more thing...when saving and wanting to leave the transparency, untick the "Background" layer and then save as PNG.

You're incredible, thank you!

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