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Should PNG Images be Interlaced if they're going to be used on the web?

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For PNG images, what if you are using them on the web, or if you have a slow internet connection? Should you use interlacing then? And what does it actually do? I think it loads a lower quality version of the image before replacing it with the proper one, but I'm not sure.

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Thank you for asking, Blushock. I also wanted to know.


What I get from the linked article is that interlacing makes the image load vaguely before filling in the details. A non-interlaced PNG will instead load from top to bottom. Usually, the image should not be interlaced (so keep the box in Paint.net unchecked).


Exceptions for when interlacing might be desired:

  • When the viewers have a very slow internet connection.
  • You'll be displaying many large images at once.
  • (My interpretation as someone mindful of the harm flickering images can do to light sensitive people who are on slow internet connections:) There's a strong need to reduce flickering.

More experienced designers, is there anything else we should be aware of?

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